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2014 ADA Legal Webinar

Posted by Adam Johnsen on January 07, 2014
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The ADA National Network announces a new sessions for the ADA Legal Webinar Series, January 15, 2014.  This session titled “The Top ADA Cases of 2013” will talk about a number of significant ADA cases were decided in 2013, and this session will provide an in-depth review of the top ADA cases from the past year. In addition to reviewing the specific facts and ruling in each case, there will also be a discussion of the impact these cases may have on future ADA litigation. This webinar promises to cover a wide variety of ADA issues under Titles I, II and III. Start the New Year off right with a better understanding of the most important ADA cases decided in 2013.

When:   January 15, 2014
Time:      1:00pm-2:30pm Central Time

Speakers: Barry Taylor and Rachel Weisberg, Equip for Equality

Registration is available on-line at

Emergency Preparedness Webinar – Jan 8, 2014

Posted by Adam Johnsen on January 07, 2014
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The ADA National Network announces new sessions for the Emergency Management and Preparedness Webinar Series, January 8, 2014 on “Oakland California’s Journey from Emergency Management Defendant to Model City for Inclusionary Practices”.

In 2009, the City of Oakland was the subject of a major lawsuit saying that its emergency management policies, practices and procedures fell short of providing individuals with disabilities an equal opportunity to survive disasters and other emergencies. Hear how Oakland met the challenge by engaging a wide group of stakeholders and integrating progressive functional needs access frameworks into all aspects of its emergency management planning and response programs. The session will cover the tools that Oakland created and how local government agencies can efficiently and effectively transform their emergency preparedness programs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Participants will understand the various elements of inclusionary emergency planning and response at the local government level, including the C-MIST approach.
  • Participants will learn how to integrate functional needs frameworks and build the capacity of local government emergency preparedness programs, activities and services to serve diverse disability populations.
  • Participants will learn how local governments can effectively engage functional needs populations in all aspects of emergency planning and response.

When: January 8, 2014
Time: 1:00pm-2:30pm Central Time

  • Christine Calabrese – ADA Coordinator, City of Oakland, California.
  • June Isaacson Kailes – Disability Policy Consultant and Associate Director, Center for Disability and Health Policy, Western University of Health Sciences
  • Scott Means – , ADA Programs Division, City of Oakland, California
  • Renee Domingo – Director, Emergency Services and Homeland Security, City of Oakland, California
  • Lorraine Rosenblatt – Chairperson, Mayor’s Commission on Persons with Disabilities Ad Hoc Outreach Committee, City of Oakland, California

Registration is available on-line at