Online Survey: Wheelchair accessibility in ridesharing through Uber and Lyft

Posted by Adam Johnsen on January 15, 2021

WHAT: Seeking participation of wheelchair/scooter users anywhere in the U.S in a research project out of Virginia Tech (Research Project IRB # 20-629).

RESEARCH TITLE: Wheelchair accessibility in ridesharing through Uber and Lyft

STUDY PURPOSE: The purpose of this research is to develop a greater understanding of the accessibility of service hailed through Uber and Lyft apps from the perspective of wheelchair/scooter users and support informed policy making. The study is not affiliated with Uber or Lyft.

WHO: You are a wheelchair or scooter user (at some point in the past, currently, occasionally, sometimes, full-time) and live anywhere in the US. You may or may not have experience with Uber or Lyft. The study is interested in impressions too.

HOW: Eligible participants will complete an online survey that takes less than 10 minutes for those without experience with Uber and Lyft and about 15 minutes for those with experience.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Please email or call 202-643-2474.

OTHER: You will be entered into a drawing for three $50 gift cards from Amazon in appreciation of your time and effort upon completing the online survey.

LINK: Click the link to go to the online survey: Wheelchair Accessibility of Ridesharing Hailed Through Uber and Lyft (

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